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Birthdate:May 5
Location:Virginia, United States of America
Location:Washington DC USA - "my friends" Frappr map - are you on it?

Vitae: 47, married to [profile] mooivos, Father to my daughter Alexis, close enough to Washington DC to see the Capitol Building and Washington's Monument. =) I am a researcher, manager, an inventor, a deputy department head, program officer and a degreed professional engineer. I deal with things that go "boom" and very bright coherent beams of high energy electromagnetic waves. My office motto is "I aim to please... literally." I proudly hang a pirate flag in my office behind my desk, and have a sign next to my desk that simply says "WHAT?!"

The fox shown in my icon above and in my writings is an alter-ego, of sorts. A spiritual alter ego, if you like to think of him that way. Perhaps an angelic guide, for those wishing to think in those terms. As much, he's a reflection of me - in ways that are creative, anthropomorphic and spiritual. The Japanese use the term "kitsune," although I do not follow the example oft given in their folklore or beliefs. Still, there are at times similarities in some of the folklored mannerisms and ways of coping with situations. I also have been involved in the two created two fursuits that I wear, the newest one is often seen in my LJ icons.

Now, perhaps you'd like to know a little more about me. So here's what I can share, but as you read some of these comments, don't jump to the conclusion that I am a separatist or segregate my friends and only take them as they compare with my own. For example, I definitely believe in the freedom to exercise religion in your own way, and expect no more than respect for me to express mine in the same way. In fact, we might learn something from each other by sharing our different belief systems, and learning from each other. In many respects though, I also avoid drama and darker issues that many might find "amusing." Anyway, that's the general idea - so here's some of the basics:

I'm a Christian. I say and believe in the Apostle's Creed and the Lord's Prayer. I do not try to "hoist" my views on religion onto anyone, but I am well trained in Presbyterian theology. And thoughtful, courteous discussion of religious views are very much appreciated.

My heritage is Scottish, and I wear a kilt as often as I feel comfortable in one. I take pride in being a life member of a Celtic clan, and enjoy single malt Scotch. If you haven't tried Belhaven Scottish Ale or Bowmore "Darkest" single malt Scotch - then I suggest you do sometime. They each go great with Haggis, beef tips, tatties and neeps.

Also, I'm a patriot, and I say the Pledge of Alligence and sing the National Anthem of the United States of America and "God Bless America" I'm also reverent of other nation's sovereignty, so I've also sung "God save the Queen," when I visited London, "Scotland the Brave" when in Glasgow, and "Swiss Psalm" in Innsbruck. And I never had the chance to sing the National Anthem in Munich... probably a good thing for American-Germanic relations considering my singing abilities. I believe that the ideals that the founding fathers presented, were largely their own opinions, distilled from the products of their times... and we should follow them by example - but not be so foolish to leverage their teachings as an absolute guide to our current ailments.

On the subject of Live Journal friending: To be painfully honest, I've found some great friends, and had some stalkers show up on my doorsteps recently. I've had great people help me, and others lie to me. Or worse, abuse my given trusts. This is not unknown on the internet. Unfortunately, I've experienced the pain of having my words twisted, used, and been bludgeoned by them until I was near senseless and emotionally numb. If I take you off my friend's list, it either means that I found something extremely offensive, crass or I've decided to take a break from reading your journal in my friends list because we don't seem to have that much in common at the current time. To me, my LJ entries are like a daily writing diary of sorts. They include how I feel, what I think on certain subjects, and are largely made up of my own opinions. If you find something offensive in them - by all means, take me off your LJ friends list.

There are some things you should realize about who I am, and why my friends list can seem "selective" at times. My view is that academic debate is for the weak. Strength comes from sharing what your views are, and what you believe with others. Not everyone gets along. And as a result, there are times when I won't take idle LJ friends and there are other times that I find what someone says inspiring and I would like to get to know them better through their LJ entries. If you don't post to LJ much, then I might take your name off for that reason. If you do happen to see that I take you off my friend's list, I can only say that I wouldn't take it personally. If you feel driven, ask me via email. Oh, but know that excessive melodrama, jokes done in very poor taste, and if you post images that are not safe for work (and not behind a cut) - that may be the reason I take you off my friend's list; but it won't mean we can't be friends in real life.

If I friend you, it means I have a level of trust with you to share what's going on in my day-to-day life.

For these reasons and a whole lot more, my Livejournal is "Friends only."

And perhaps at this point you're curious... "What does he enjoy doing?"

Hmmm... lesse... I'll give you a small example.... Horseback riding/owning/training, video and still photography (film & digital), drawing (pens/ink), reading, fiddling with computers (from clustered mainframes to PDAs and secure wireless networking,) learning about foxes, inventing, romanticisms, helping others, Northern Spie apples, funny stories/skits, wearing kilts, seeing children laugh, cutting the grass, sitting on my porch steps, driving to relax, shooting a 1911 .45 caliber pistol with 230 grain bullets, hiking in Scotland, drinking a latte in the morning as people walk by, gourmet cooking, blowing stuff up, and all around general tinkering.

Hmmmm... Now, what does he "know?" You'd be surprised. Here's a little of what I can share with you that I know...

42. Pie-pie-pie. Spam-spam-spam-spam-spam-spam-spam-spam-spam-eggs and spam. You can't get there from here. Nothing is impossible, yet somethings are. Just because it's important to me, doesn't mean it's important to you. Sticking your fingers in your ears will really not help much when 100 pounds of high explosives are stuck between your feet. Rolling a D20 and getting a 1 is a real bummer when you're fighting a gray ooze. Single malt Scotch can sometimes be improved greatly by the addition of a small amount of still (unfiltered) cold spring water. Qualified does not mean certified, nor does it mean experienced. National scientific leaders have an equal if not greater chance of being wrong as the next person, as their understanding is based only on the subject matter and evidence at hand. One of the safest places you can fall off a horse is a manure pile. You can do your best, and it still won't ever be good enough. A canter pirouette is a thing of beauty when done well, and an extended trot is a rush like no other. It truly is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all - but I don't suggest either. Some people will not like you for your choices or your views - and it's sometimes best to learn to live without hearing them out. Breathe in, breathe out. Probably (alot) more than you are cleared or need to know. You can't be friends with everyone, nor should you try. There are choices to be made, and there are decisions that are made for you - living is about what you do in between those times. God does not roll dice. Working in the Navy (or any military service) is a great job, as long as you can deal with some of the individual personality flaws found therein. There is no "I" in "Team," so realize right now that "I" don't fit in and we'll all get along famously. The f/16 rule is a good rule of thumb on a sunny day. Good chopsticks makes sushi taste better, but not any safer. The taste of a cup of coffee can sometimes be greatly improved with a squeeze of lemon. Starbucks should bring back Valencia Orange lattes! Being coherent and incoherent has a whole new meaning for me.

My email address is - . Write me a note sometime, perhaps asking something... and I will write back to you. Pen pals are welcome. Notes from friends more so. And I travel, a lot... so you never know when I might show up, if invited. Oh, and I've been known to buy the first round. ;)

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1776, 90s music, ales, american revolution, animal transformation, animals, animation, anime, anthro, anthro animals, anthro art, anthrocon, anthropomorphic, anthropomorphic art, anthropomorphics, art, artwork, backpacking, bagpipes, ballroom dancing, black adder, black ink, british comedy, camping, cartooning, cartoons, celtic, cheap ass games, cheese, chocolate, classic music, classic star trek, comic conventions, comics, conventions, costume characters, costumes, costuming, cowboy bebop, d&d, d&d3, danger mouse, dick francis, digital photography, doctor who, dreamweaver, dressage, dungeons and dragons, equitation, eventing, fantasy, flight simulators, fox, foxes, foxies, frontpage, furries, furry, furry art, furry conventions, furry drawing, furry fandom, furry forever, furry lifestyle, furry lifestyler, fursuit, fursuit performance, fursuiters, fursuiting, fursuits, further confusion, galloping, gravitation, guidance systems, horseback riding, horses, html, hunt for red october, inu yasha, ironclaw, kitsune, larp, live action roleplay, lord of the rings, manga, mechanical pencils, microbrews, midwest furfest, milfur, military, mission impossible, monty python, naruto, northern virginia, paint shop pro, paws, pennsylvania, photography, photoshop, php, physics, pirates, pittsburgh, planes, podcasting, privateers, romanticism, scotland, scottish clans, sf, showjumping, space opera, suburban jungle, sushi, swashbuckling, swords, table-top role playing games, techno music, telescopes, the watering hole, trance music, traveling, tunnels & trolls, us navy, video editing, vulpes, vulpine, vulpines, vulpinization, warmbloods, weapons, web development
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